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Young people are the future of our society, and we’re committed to helping them succeed. As defenders of youth potential, we work tirelessly to empower and uplift the next generation.

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Mentoring For a Better Tomorrow.

For over 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been focused on promoting the wellbeing of youth. By intervening early, we strive to prevent the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences on physical and mental health. We provide support for children as young as 7 years old, pairing them with responsible adults who offer guidance to help them overcome challenges. Our program is designed to improve children’s academic, social, emotional, and physical development, giving them the tools they need to succeed in life. Invest in our mission to help shape the future of our young people.

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Breaking Barriers, Unlocking Potential.

Many children and youth in Canada are facing societal barriers and adversities, such as family violence, identity challenges, school issues, and mental health risks. These situations can hinder their chances of achieving their full potential. If left unaddressed, they may result in continuing cycles of poverty, crime, and mental health issues.

However, these circumstances have nothing to do with the value of who these children and youth are or who they can become. It’s crucial to provide support and resources to help them overcome these challenges, empowering them to succeed in life. This can involve safe living conditions, access to mental health services, and mentorship. Every child and youth deserves a chance to reach their full potential, no matter their background.

Many children and youth in Canada face significant barriers in their lives, such as detrimental living conditions, family violence, mental health risks, identity challenges, and school issues. These challenges can hinder their chances of achieving their full potential and have negative consequences for both the individual and society as a whole.

That’s why Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada is committed to providing mentorship to over 41,400 children and young people across the country. Through its network of more than 20,700 volunteers in 102 member agencies, the organization helps reduce the risks associated with these challenges and empowers youth to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. By investing in the future of Canadian youth, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada is working towards creating a brighter future for all.



Early intervention by the Big Brothers Big Sisters team can help prevent the physical and mental effects that adverse childhood experiences can cause. By donating, you’re giving a child a chance at a better future.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada focuses on creating lasting relationships between youth and mentors, with proven positive impacts on children’s lives. They have a comprehensive screening process for mentors and a leading Child Safety Program for safety. Ongoing support and training are provided to both volunteers and staff to create successful mentoring relationships.

Unlocking the Potential of Resilient Youth.

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Empowering Youth To Rise Above Adversity

The Big Brothers program provides boys and young men with a positive role model for support and guidance, building a relationship of trust and common interests through regular outings and activities. Both the mentor and mentee benefit from this one-to-one mentoring experience, which is supported by experienced case-workers and leads to increased self-esteem, academic success, and overall well-being of the mentees.

Mentors provide guidance based on their own experiences and wisdom, helping mentees make positive choices. This creates a deeper understanding and respect between them, strengthening their bond and creating a lasting relationship.

The Big Sisters program provides girls with a mentor to talk to and bond with through regular outings, resulting in increased self-confidence and better mental health.

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In school mentoring

Helping Shape Young Minds

School-based mentors, who are also students, spend their lunch hour at an elementary school to engage in activities such as board games or outdoor play with a young person. The focus is on non-academic activities, and mentors are encouraged to participate only in engaging activities.


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